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deborah [userpic]

it's come to this...

January 10th, 2024 (12:43 pm)

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deborah [userpic]


June 24th, 2007 (07:23 pm)

my friend of 14 years, liberty jaswal, was killed friday night by a hit-and-run driver in a del taco parking lot as he was trying to throw away his trash instead of littering. i can honestly pinpoint liberty as being the person who has affected my life more than anyone else in so many ways. just a few days ago i was listening to dead kennedys and thinking about how much he's influenced me in permanent ways. he was an unbelievably amazing person whom i firmly and whole-heartedly believed would change the world in magnificant ways and his death is a complete tragedy.

liberty was a philosopher. a professor at univerty of san diego (ucsd). a student working on his phd. eccentric in some ways. the biggest heart in others. a lover of people, animals and the earth.

i met liberty the first day of high school. he was a sophomore, me a freshman. he sat behind me in math class. the first two weeks of school he constantly wiggled his foot against my chair. it totally drove me nuts, but now i get that it was his, at the time, way of flirting. after a couple of weeks, he made me a mix tape. dead kennedys, subhumans, misfits, and youth brigade (among other bands) on one side, gorilla biscuits, youth of today and other hardcore bands on the other.

i spent the next few years being friends with him. learning from him and with him. learning about human rights, civil rights, and animal rights, as well as music, philosophy, and humanity. being the "little sister" of a group of "mistfit" guys, who liberty was, unarguably, the center, the leader of. as a teenager, the guys would knock on my bedroom window in the middle of the night and we'd spend hours just talking and hanging out. i remember cruising around with them, hanging out at del taco, taco bell, and in 'n out because, as teenagers, there wasn't much else to do. seeing shows at koos and the showcase. listening to 7 inches and 12 inches... i decided to try to graduate high school early because they were leaving me and i wanted to move forward if they weren't there with me.

a few years ago, just a few weeks after anthony was born, he called me. he had gotten my number from our friend jake. he wanted to see me, so he and i went out to dinner with all of our friends from high school at one of our vegetarian standby restaurants, happy family. i was his surprise to all them.

thank heavens for myspace. we lost track and found each other again and have spent the last few years talking online.

liberty will be missed. already, i'm amazed by the vast amount of people who are willing to drop everything and be there at his funeral on wednesday. he's affected so many people in the same way he's affected me. this has truly been a tragedy.

the news report on his murder

my friend

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